A human centric approach to business design

People seek experiences, not just products or services.

We uncover meaningful experiences customers desire using a variety of market research techniques, and provide innovative strategic frameworks based on human-centric design thinking methodology to deliver those experiences holistically across all customer interactions.

Towards that end, we provide consulting services as well as training workshops to help organizations unlock their employees' creativity to achieve business goals.

We work with both non-profits, and for-profit social and commercial enterprises.

Our Story:

Abir, (the name means colorful and is derived from Hindi/Sanskrit) was started by Dhaval in 2014 after his return from US to India. The idea was to fill the gap in customer empathy among enterprises in India. Too much focus was on the financial and functional aspects of solutions, but rarely companies were going out of the building and validating if the problem they are solving is meeting customers' inner most desires.

At Abir, we uncover functional, emotional, and meaningful experiences customers desire and provide innovative strategic frameworks to deliver them across a full range of touch-points : promotion, brand, product and service design, customer relations, and distribution channels among others.

We believe that a human centric design approach, is best suited for sustainable growth and continued differentiation for any business. It isn't enough to ask how did we do it and simply measure customer satisfaction. Even more important is to design your products and services that truly enable customers to experience what they are seeking.

Towards that end, we not only provide consulting services, but also training workshops. Our workshops are designed to help organizations unlock their employees true creativity simultaneously achieving business goals.

Strategic Partner:

The world of experience design is full of noise. We are proud to have Scansion as our strategic partner in this endeavor to create awareness on why a business should be in the business of evoking meanings in their customers' lives. 


Abir is also privileged to have the pioneers of the concept of meaningful experiences, Steve Diller, Founder of Scansion, and Nathan Shedroff, Program Chair of California College of Arts' ground-breaking Design MBA as mentors.