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What are the market needs for an auto hiring mobile app in Ahmedabad, India?

Auto rickshaws play the role of intermediate public transport in most Indian cities but remains largely unorganized. Auto fares are regulated by government, but not all drivers comply and charge higher fares to riders. Drivers waste time looking for riders, or sitting idly waiting for riders to turn up. Riders also get frustrated by not able to get an auto when they need it, and where they needed them to go. These were the problems hypothesized by Ahmedabad based start-up incubator amditree and mobile app developer NicheTech.

Abir did a thorough market assessment to understand,  

  • What do people really want when they choose auto for public transport?
  • What do auto drivers really want as they try to earn a living?
  • What role can technology play in enabling riders to have a better experience at the same time improve conditions for auto-drivers?
  • What are the must-haves for such a technological solution?

A detailed market insights report was prepared summarizing the needs that emerge from qualitative interviews of a large set of auto drivers and riders in Ahmedabad, and desk-top research of the market and trends across India. It provided the necessary input for a strategic decision for such a mobile app based solution.



we would like to thank you for educating us with all the nitty-gritty of the rickshaw-wala market and your in-depth analysis. The way you carried out the research and synthesized all the different aspects has impressed us all immensely. We’ve gained a lot of insight on the market approach and overall strategy and for that, we are grateful to Abir.
— Darshan Jani, Founding Partner, amditree
Thank you for thorough research and putting all of that together in the most useful way. Really appreciate your efforts, skills and thoughts you have put behind this.
I know now lot more about Riksha business all around India lot more than I knew day before yesterday and the insight it has given to make decisions for our idea is very valuable.
— Manish Sheladia, Founding Partner, amditree