A human centric approach to business design

People seek experiences, not just products or services.

We uncover meaningful experiences customers desire using a variety of market research techniques, and provide innovative strategic frameworks based on human-centric design thinking methodology to deliver those experiences holistically across all customer interactions.

Towards that end, we provide consulting services as well as training workshops to help organizations unlock their employees' creativity to achieve business goals.

We work with both non-profits, and for-profit social and commercial enterprises.

How can Kaizen Institute of India differentiate its operational excellence services?

Kaizen Institute of India, a consultancy based in Ahmedabad, India, provides operational excellence services on the principles of Kaizen methodology to its clients across India. With decades of combined experience of its consultants, and a direct partnership with worldwide Kaizen Institutes, it is uniquely positioned to enhance operations by removing inconsistencies, reducing waste and improving efficiencies. However, growth is hard to come by in an increasingly saturated Indian marketplace of both brand-name consultancies and independent consultants.

Through extensive market research, and qualitative interviews, Abir uncovered reasons why various organizations seek operational excellence. This resulted into detailed customer segmentation based on behaviors, functional needs and meaningful experiences. Kaizen Institute of India now had the deeper insights into its customers helping them better align their consulting services to meet customers needs.

Further more implications and recommendations were provided to Kaizen Institute of India, based on experiences currently provided by competition, and strategic importance of each customer segment, guiding them towards a more differentiated market position. 


We retained Dhaval Shah of Abir to help Kaizen Institute (India) to understand the needs of its’ customers better. Our objective was to accelerate our growth by customizing our services to align with client expectations. Dhaval did a thorough job, well within the constraints of budget & time. He distilled his findings in simple, but effective terms. The insights he provided have already started making a difference to our business.
— Vinod Grover, Founding Partner and Chairman, Kaizen Institute (India) Pvt Ltd
Feedback is a common human need! If one extends this thought, most organizations would love to know what their customers think of them. Dhaval, helped us with this reflection – he made us see what we do, where we stand & where others stand…through his structured engagement. He was on time, lucid and his inputs were very insightful! The recommendations are valid, it is now time to reflect and act!
— Jayant Murthy, Director and Founding Partner, Kaizen Institute (India) Pvt Ltd