A human centric approach to business design

People seek experiences, not just products or services.

We uncover meaningful experiences customers desire using a variety of market research techniques, and provide innovative strategic frameworks based on human-centric design thinking methodology to deliver those experiences holistically across all customer interactions.

Towards that end, we provide consulting services as well as training workshops to help organizations unlock their employees' creativity to achieve business goals.

We work with both non-profits, and for-profit social and commercial enterprises.

To help you achieve your objectives, we provide, 

    • Market insights that paint the picture of the market our client operates in. We apply a variety of market research techniques like in-depth qualitative interviews, secondary research, analysis, and synthesis of the competitive landscape.
    • Customer segmentation that is not just based on demographics, but also on behaviors, functional and economic needs and higher meaningful experiential desires of customers. We focus on what do people want and why they want it. We develop customer personas and apply journey mapping to help our client understand the pain points.
    • Strategic implications and recommendations to help our client determine what customers to strategically pursue and whom not to pursue based on the existing market conditions, trends that are developing and competitive advantage.
    • Workshop for concept innovation and refinement of existing products and services to meet customer requirements unearthed in market research,
    • Workshop for internal brand positioning to unify business goals and market needs,
    • Experience framework workshop to stage and deliver meaningful experiences across multiple touch points for a cohesive customer experience.
    • Market audit
    • SWOT analysis
    • Competitive landscape
    • Marketing strategy and tactics
    • Implementation plan

Thus we give our clients an end-to-end solution to not only know what their customers really want, but also how to meet their needs.