A human centric approach to business design

People seek experiences, not just products or services.

We uncover meaningful experiences customers desire using a variety of market research techniques, and provide innovative strategic frameworks based on human-centric design thinking methodology to deliver those experiences holistically across all customer interactions.

Towards that end, we provide consulting services as well as training workshops to help organizations unlock their employees' creativity to achieve business goals.

We work with both non-profits, and for-profit social and commercial enterprises.

It is Abir's desire to help enterprises innovate, and realize the potential of customer experience as a differentiator. Towards that end, Abir offers the following training workshops. These workshops can be customized in both its content and duration based on client's requirements.


Creativity is not only for the so-called born-geniuses. If we train to use both sides of our brain then we all can be creative. However, creativity by itself is no good if not aligned with the overall business goals. This workshop will expose participants to a structured process to be creative to solve real world problems within the constraints of running a business.

Abir trained over 25 staff of Automation Anywhere, a market leader in robotic process automation. Heres what they have to say about the training:

Thanks so much for conducting “Enabling Human-Centric Innovation Workshop” for AA India team.

We thought all the participants got various insights by attending two sessions of this workshop.

Your facilitation has created a momentum among team members and I am quite sure their learning will add value to our business.
— Nimesh Shah, VP of India Operations, Automation Anywhere




"Experience" has become a buzz word and companies are rushing to provide better customer experience without realizing what it really means. For most "experience" is limited to UX/UI of a mobile app or a website, and to others, it means providing a responsive post-sale customer service. However, an experience is no good if not delivered holistically and consistently across all touch-points. This workshop will expose participants to importance of experience economy, why it matters that businesses should be in the business of evoking meaning in people's lives and in doing so how enterprises can differentiate their offerings and build a long-lasting connection with customers.

Abir trained over 100 staff of TUV SUD, a leading auditing and certification company, across their multiple office locations in India. Heres what they have to say about the training:

We used Dhaval’s two days training to uncover meaningful experiences that customers want and to create Service Mindset.

I must say that Dhaval has an efficient way of training people and effectively delivers the message. Instead of typical textual powerpoint presentation, his two day training focused on use of various tools which helped the team see things in a totally different perspective. The team returned enriched with lot of tools to practice daily.

Also before initiating with our training project, he had different rounds of calls with the team to understand the pain areas so that he could tailor the training around the same. He also took actual examples so that the team could relate to them and see how things could have been different.

I would highly recommend Dhaval as his training is not a typical text bookish training. He focuses on the pain areas, tailors his training around the same and uses different tools and exercises to convey the message. You remain awake in post lunch sessions too :)
— Farhin Kharawala, Vice President, TUV-SUD South Asia