A human centric approach to business design

People seek experiences, not just products or services.

We uncover meaningful experiences customers desire using a variety of market research techniques, and provide innovative strategic frameworks based on human-centric design thinking methodology to deliver those experiences holistically across all customer interactions.

Towards that end, we provide consulting services as well as training workshops to help organizations unlock their employees' creativity to achieve business goals.

We work with both non-profits, and for-profit social and commercial enterprises.

What benefits parents and students from low-income neighborhoods of Bangalore desire from Wings' after school program?

Wings is a for-profit social enterprise with a stated goal of filling the achievement gap among students of low-income city neighborhoods. Towards that end, Wings provides after-school learning centers across Bangalore and Kolkata, where students can learn Math and English concepts. Wings has deployed technology, in the forms of videos, lessons and exercises that help students not only learn the fundamentals, but also their application. 

Key Challenge: After initial period of enthusiastic enrollment, parents used to withdraw students. Wings approached Abir to understand how they can improve their product and services so as to reduce or eliminate students drop-outs.

Approach: Abir uncovered desires, aspirations and needs of parents and students through a variety of market research tools. Abir also uncovered what was working and what was not working in Wings center operations, academic curriculum development, and product and service delivery.

Delivery: Abir delivered a detailed market and customer insights report explaining the strategic gaps between what-is and what-could-be. It presented recommendations to innovate on their product development, service delivery and operations. Finally, a half-day long workshops conducted across both Bangalore and Kolkata resulted in all stakeholders collaborating through a series of exercises, leading s tangible set of next steps for the organization to focus on.


Here is what Wings Co-CEO Aveek De, who hired Abir's services have to say about the project:

At Wings, we were keen to know the deep emotional reasons that triggered low income parents to invest in the kids’ education. Simultaneously, we were also trying to understand if there were differences amongst this group on how they approached education and their choice of an educational institution. To help us with this study, we worked with Abir Designs on a 2-month consulting assignment. Dhaval architected the research, interviewing key resources and spent considerable time looking at secondary data. The market study that Dhaval did was equally intensive - he interviewed parents in their own homes that was very well appreciated. The insights were powerful and Dhaval helped arrive at a set of recommendations by facilitating a workshop with our senior management. We found the engagement valuable and we look forward to being associated with Abir Designs in future.
— Aveek De, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Wings Pvt Ltd